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Each of our 3 reviews will provide information to study teams about grant fidelity, compliance with regulations, and potential areas for study improvement.


What is it?

A “Self-Assessment Review” is a resource provided by the OQC to assist investigators and research teams conducting research. A self assessment may be initiated by one of the following methods:

      • Voluntarily created or at the request of a member of the research team
      • Selection by the OQC to participate
      • Required by the OQC in conjunction with , or because of , a separate OQC review/assessment

How is it done?

Once a Self-Assessment is completed by the research team and submitted, the OQC will contact the PI and research team to schedule a meeting to review the Self-Assessment, discuss any findings, and provide recommendations and resources for the team. A link to the checklist is provided in the section header.



How do I request a Self-Assessment Review?

An investigator or researcher can request a self-assessment through the IRB’s online application system, ERICA.

Request a Self Assessment Review



What is it?

A “Research Climate Assessment (RCA) is a nuanced, qualitative approach to obtaining information about a research team through individual interviews with the members of the research team. The purpose of a RCA is to augment the quantitative information from compliance reviews and/or formal audits conducted by compliance-related units.


How is it done?

RCAs are conducted through individual interviews with members of the research team. Each interview, which will be tailored for each team, will last approximately 30 minutes. The data collected during an RCA will be aggregate so that the anonymity and confidentiality of the research team respondents can be maintained and will be used to determine how well a research team is working together, assess team communication, and propose resources to support the work of the research team.



How do I request an RCA?

RCAs can be identified and requested through various mechanisms, which is not limited to but may include the following:

      • The Office of Research Integrity & Compliance (ORIC) determines that an issue experienced by a study team crosscuts the units of the ORIC.
      • The ORIC receives a request for an RCA.
      • The Research Integrity Officer (RIO) requests an RCA after receiving a report of unprofessional behavior that is not specific to research misconduct.
      • The OQC receives a request for an RCA directly from the Principal Investigator (PI) or a member of a research team.

REQUEST a research climate assessment



What is it?

A “Best Practice Review(BPR) is a review of a research study that has been identified by the Office of Research Integrity & Compliance or other University compliance entity. Reasons for triggering a BPR investigation include:

      • Whistleblower Complaint
      • Research Subject Complaint
      • Employee Complaint
      • Request from any entity within ORIC


How is it done?

Participating in these reviews is not voluntary. The purpose of a Best Practice Review is to evaluate concerns about the conduct of study activities and/or potential unprofessional behaviors/conduct. Reviews are designed to provide a review of research activities as well as monitoring quality and effectiveness.





Last Updated: 4/2/24